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MARCH 31 - APRIL 1, 2023

How it all started

In 2017, Chris Pepin invited a group of local southern California magic players to gather around their mountain house to throw some cards and enjoy the game in honor of Chris's birthday.

This event has grown and keeps growing.

Since that first meet-up of only 7 players, Chris's wife Denni continues to host 70+ players at this annual event of "Clawsome Proportion".


About the Annual Risk

This year marks the 5th anniversary for the Socal Spawners Event. Old school players from all over the US and abroad register and play.

Below are the standard EC rules for the tournament and the Scribble Ante events.

Important: Each player is responsible for the safety and security of their own card collection. We recommend for high value cards, you keep collectible insurance while away from home.

Schedule of Events

Friday, March 31, 2023
10:00AM - 4:00PM

Pre-Event Activities Coming Soon

Friday, March 31, 2023
6:00PM - 9:00PM

Friday Night Scribble Ante

Saturday, April 1, 2023
10:00AM - 8:00PM

2023 Risk Tournament of Homarids

Friday Night Scribble Ante

Tournament Rules
  1. Decks are 60 cards
  2. 93/94 card pool. Reprints with original art are ok (chronicles, 5th Ed, etc)
  3. Games are played for ante.
  4. Shuffle, cut each other’s deck and set the top card aside face up. The player with the card with the highest casting cost in the Ante goes first. If there's a tie, look at the bottom card of each others library.
  5. The winner of the game may sign, alter, and date the card. Cards are illegal for 3 days after any date on them. Cards may not be added to the deck for duration of the event.
  6. If you lose, you may end up playing with 20 cards. Card MAY be removed from the deck to try to get the mana curve back into something playable, but once removed they are gone for the weekend.
  7. Contract from below is legal with the following eratta: the text of the card begins with “both players....” . So you both ante a card and draw seven.
  8. Bronze tablet: There are very few rules in gatherer for bronze tablet so we made them up as follows: bronze tablet can target ANY card your opponent has in the game. This includes hand, deck, and graveyard but not things that were exiled. (After all, plowshares specifically says “removed from the game”). This ability does not allow you to look at opponents hand or cards in library before picking one. The change of ownership is permanent.
  9. Balance, contract from below, mind twist, channel, demonic tutor, regrowth, and sol ring are restricted. If you want to run 12 moxen, then go ahead, but I’ll draw a dick on it when my thallid deck crushes you.
  10. No sleeves. Raw dog it.
  11. *** 4 of rule exists ***
  12. Regarding some cards like Darkpact that allow you to swap cards with your opponent: This change of ownership is permanent and legal.
  13. Play fun cards. Or don’t. It’s a statement of your character.
  14. There will be special prizes for the best alters during this tournament. 

Main Event
Risk Tournament of Homarids

Tournament Rules
  1. EC Rules with four time vaults allowed.  Thanks to Eternal Central!
  2. Legal Sets
    Old School 93-94 decks may consist of cards from these sets printed in 1993-94:
    Alpha | Beta | Unlimited | Collector’s Edition (CE) | International Collector’s Edition (IE) | Arabian Nights | Antiquities | Revised | Legends | The Dark |Fallen Empires
  3. This tournament will also allow all non-foil cards from the sets above, that were reprinted in any language with the original frame and original art. So for example, a Chronicles City of Brass, Fifth Edition Wrath of God, Time Spiral Psionic Blast, and Collector’s Edition Mox Ruby would all be legal (original frame + original art), while an Ice Age Swords to Plowshares or Arena 1996 Counterspell would not be legal (different art). The misprinted Revised Serendib Efreet (with Ifh-Biff Efreet’s art, and green border) is of course allowed, because it was printed in one of the original sets in 1994 (Revised). We always encourage you to seek out the oldest and coolest versions of cards you can find, but these can serve as your de facto substitutes for the cards printed in 93-94.
  4. Absolutely no proxies and fake cards allowed.
  5. Finally, the following promotional cards from 1994 are also legal: Arena, Sewers of Estark, and Nalathni Dragon.
  6. The following cards are banned by EC in 93-94 tournaments: Bronze Tablet | Contract from Below | Darkpact | Demonic Attorney | Jeweled Bird | Rebirth | Tempest Efreet
  7. The following cards are restricted by EC in 93-94 tournaments (maximum of 1 of each card per deck): Ancestral Recall | Balance | Black Lotus | Braingeyser | Chaos Orb | Channel | Demonic Tutor | Library of Alexandria | Mana Drain | Mind Twist | Mox Emerald | Mox Jet | Mox Pearl | Mox Ruby | Mox Sapphire | Recall | Regrowth | Sol Ring | Time Walk | Time Twister | Wheel of Fortune
Magic Artist Information Coming SOON!

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Event Add-Ons

Event Swag Bag



Take home your swag bag Risk 2023 custom  designed t-shirt and event designed play mat. Sizes come in Small to 3XL. There will be limited inventory on-site at the event so if you're even thinking about grabbing a shirt, it's better to order it during your registration checkout.

If you'd like to order more than one t-shirt or mat, please email us directly.

Location and Accomodations

Join Us At This Year's Desert Oasis In Palm Springs Resort & Spa

Due to card and personal attendee safety, we will not share the event exact location and registration booking link until after you register.


Four Star Accomodations

Kick back and enjoy the warm desert sun and sand at this four star hotel with multiple dining areas, pools, on-site indoor and outdoor bars, and full-service spa.

Minutes from Palm Springs Airport

Located just a short distance from downtown Palm Springs and its commercial service airport, Spawners will be coordinating airport  to hotel shuttle service for out-of-towners.

Group Room Rate $239/night

Room block rates including pet friendly King and Double Queen spacious rooms and discounted daily resort fee of $20/day. Amenities include pool, parking, bike rentals, fitness center, and more.

Ticket Options

Accommodations including hotel, car rental, and food (unless otherwise specified below) are not included in the below ticket prices.

Tournament Only Ticket

  • Friday Night Scribble Ante
  • Risk Tournament Play & Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Buffet Lunch
  • Two Drink Tickets
  • Cash Bar
Do it ALL

Ultimate Experience

$ 250
  • Friday Night Scribble Ante
  • Risk Tournament & Play Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Lunch Buffet
  • Two Drink Tickets
  • Event Swag Bag
  • Friday Locals Tour (TBD)

Tournament & Swag

  • Friday Night Scribble Ante
  • Risk Tournament & Play Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Lunch Buffet
  • Two Drink Tickets
  • Event Swag Bag


Some quick answers to common questions about the event.