Oceanside California

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August 9 - 11, 2o24

How it all started

In 2017, Chris Pepin invited a group of local southern California magic players to gather around their mountain house to throw some cards and enjoy the game in honor of Chris's birthday.

This event has grown and keeps growing.

Since that first meet-up of only 7 players, Chris's wife Denni continues to host 70+ players at this annual event of "Clawsome Proportion".


About the Annual Risk

This year marks the 5th anniversary for the Socal Spawners Event. Old school players from all over the US and abroad register and play.

Below are the standard EC rules for the tournament and the Scribble Ante events.

Important: Each player is responsible for the safety and security of their own card collection. We recommend for high value cards, you keep collectible insurance while away from home.

Important: Before Registering

This year's tournament and beach bash will be held on a US Federal Military Base event center. There are no drugs allowed on base, including prescribed medical marijuana.

All players must provide a valid US drivers' license or Passport to gain access through Camp Pendleton's main gate to attend. 

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 9, 2024
5:30PM - 10:30PM

Pre-Event Tournament

Saturday, August 10, 2024
10:00AM - 6:30PM

Spawner Tournament of Kings

Sunday, August 11, 2024
11:00AM - 4:00PM

2024 Risk Beach Bash

Friday Night Tournaments


MTG Pre-Modern Event

Premodern format consists of MTG sets from Fourth Edition to Scourge. The card pool thus roughly spans the period in between the formats and Modern. Card pool rule of thumb: cards with the old frame printed between 1995 and 2003, which were standard legal at some point during this period.

SorcererArt copy

Sorcery Event

Two players take the roles of Avatars, assemble their own decks, and then cast a variety of elemental spells, summon powerful minions, and shape the world around them from their Atlas to increase their dominance and ultimately banish their foe.

Rules for The Risk Sorcery Contested Realm event:

Constructed format:

Decks must follow the standard rules of 40 minimum spells and 20 minimum sites. We will allow the preconstructed decks as well in their original configuration as long as they are not altered. (The precons are less cards as per the official rule book but are allowed)

45 min rounds best of 1

Approximately 4 rounds of Swiss

In the spirit of old school there will be no ties , if there is no winner at the end of the 45 min round, both players will go to chaos twister blows and decide the winner of the round, just like old school magic and chaos orb flips.

Prizes for the top 3 and special prizes for spice and other creative constructions.

Main Event
Risk Tournament of Homarids

Tournament Rules
  1. Don't be a dick
  2. Legal Sets
    Old School 93-94 decks may consist of cards from these sets printed in 1993-94:
    Alpha | Beta | Unlimited | Collector’s Edition (CE) | International Collector’s Edition (IE) | Arabian Nights | Antiquities | Revised | Legends | The Dark |Fallen Empires
  3. This tournament will also allow all non-foil cards from the sets above, that were reprinted in any language with the original frame and original art. So for example, a Chronicles City of Brass, Fifth Edition Wrath of God, Time Spiral Psionic Blast, and Collector’s Edition Mox Ruby would all be legal (original frame + original art), while an Ice Age Swords to Plowshares or Arena 1996 Counterspell would not be legal (different art). The misprinted Revised Serendib Efreet (with Ifh-Biff Efreet’s art, and green border) is of course allowed, because it was printed in one of the original sets in 1994 (Revised). We always encourage you to seek out the oldest and coolest versions of cards you can find, but these can serve as your de facto substitutes for the cards printed in 93-94.
  4. Absolutely no proxies and fake cards allowed.
  5. Finally, the following promotional cards from 1994 are also legal: Arena, Sewers of Estark, and Nalathni Dragon.
  6. The following cards are banned: Bronze Tablet | Contract from Below | Darkpact | Demonic Attorney | Jeweled Bird | Rebirth | Tempest Efreet
  7. The following cards are restricted (maximum of 1 of each card per deck): Ancestral Recall | Balance | Black Lotus | Braingeyser | Chaos Orb | Channel | Demonic Tutor | Library of Alexandria | Mana Drain | Mind Twist | Mox Emerald | Mox Jet | Mox Pearl | Mox Ruby | Mox Sapphire | Regrowth | Sol Ring | Time Walk | Time Twister | Wheel of Fortune
  8. Mind twist. only black mana may be used to cast mind twist. this includes the "x" portion.
  9. Blocking tapped creatures deal no damage (dust off those icy manipulators).
  10.  4 recall legal. 4 time vault legal. 4 shahazarad legal.
  11.  And the biggest one. Draws DO happen at this event. get your game done or you both suffer. Chaos orb flips will not be deciding games at this event. unless you miss that serra angel in game 3. Do not feel bad for calling the judge on a slow player. practice playing with your deck so the decisions come faster.
Magic Artist Special Guest

Richard Kane Ferguson

Event Add-Ons

Event Swag Bag



Take home your swag bag Risk 2024 custom  designed t-shirt and a special customized players gift. T-Shirt sizes come in Small to 4XL. There will be limited inventory on-site at the event so if you're even thinking about grabbing a shirt, it's better to order it during your registration checkout. If you'd like to order more than one t-shirt or mat, please email us directly.

Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 4.44.35 PM

Warm Beaches. Cool Breezes

Enjoy all of what Southern California beach towns have to offer in Oceanside, California. Located between San Diego downtown and Orange County.

Close to multiple airports

Located just 20 minutes from San Diego airport (SAN) and 30 minutes from John Wayne (SNA), Spawners will be coordinating airport to hotel shuttle service for out-of-towners.

Group Room Rate Coming Soon

Within the town of Oceanside there are lots of accommodation choices including beach rentals, hotels, motels, and even remote camping options. Stay tuned for more information on our local hotel group rate.

Location and Accomodations

Join Us At This Year's Beach Oasis
In Oceanside, just north of San Diego!

Due to card and personal attendee safety, we will not share the event exact location and schedule until after you register.

Reserve Your Seat

Accommodations including hotel, car rental, and food (unless otherwise specified below) are not included in the below ticket prices.

Friday Tournament Only Ticket

  • Sorcery or Pre-Modern Tournament Play & Prizes
  • Catered Light Dinner Buffet
  • Cash Bar
  • Sunday Beach Bash Access

Saturday Tournament Only Ticket

  • Risk Tournament Play & Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Buffet Lunch
  • Three Drink Tickets
  • Cash Bar
  • Sunday Beach Bash Access
Do it ALL

All Access Ultimate Experience

$ 250
  • Friday Night Pre-Modern or Sorcery Tournament
  • Risk Tournament & Play Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Lunch Buffet
  • Three Drink Tickets
  • Cash Bar
  • Sunday Beach Bash Access
  • Event Swag Bag

Saturday Tournament & Swag

  • Risk Tournament & Play Prizes
  • Catered On-Site Lunch Buffet
  • Three Drink Tickets
  • Cash Bar
  • Sunday Beach Bash Access
  • Event Swag Bag


Some quick answers to common questions about the event.

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