Magic The Gathering. The greatest game

Old School Magic Player Stories

Magic The Gathering is the greatest game.   Magic The Gathering all started for me in 1995. I was thirteen years old. At this point in my life, my spare time outside of school was filled with basketball and roller hockey. But even then, I would convince my mom to drive me to the local comic book shop. I dreamt…

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Old School Magic Nostalgia

socal deep spawners old school magic

Old School Magic Nostalgia Nostalgia. One of the things I experienced during the last old school magic event I’ve been to, hosted and made possible by Deep Spawners’ Chris, Brian and Damyan and well.. The rest of the SoCal Spawners. I guess for you to understand why, I’d have to tell you a “brief” background of myself and my history with…

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Middle School to Old School Magic The Gathering

From Middle School to Old School Magic The Gathering   Where did it all start with Old School Magic? It was the start of a new middle school year in 1994, I was 13 years old and in 8th grade.  Prior to finding Magic I had been collecting baseball cards for years and was also into comics and other random…

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MTG Old School Allure

The Allure of MTG Old School The words “Magic the Gathering” had been whispered to me.  Rumor.  Innuendo.  And although I often frequented comic stores and card shops I had never actually seen it for sale until one day in 1994. While shopping in Los Angeles I spotted, behind the counter of some long-forgotten store, few Starter Decks of MTG…

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